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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OTHER Revelations from Lance ARMSTRONG in the Oprah Interview.

Selected from funnyordie.com

Oprah Winfrey sat down Lance Armstrong this week for a revealing interview, in which the disgraced athlete admitted to using performance enhancing drugs throughout his storied career. it was just one of many revelations Armstrong came forth with: 
from someecards.com
  • Yeah, he may have been doping, but he's been riding a fixed-gear bike, which is "like way harder." 
  • Has never even been to France, let alone "toured it"
from gizmodo.com
  • Founded Livestrong "for the chicks"
  • He's been jacked up on cocaine-infused Gatorade since '94.
  • from forum.lowyat.net
  • Thinks of himself as a prankster, citing the times he regularly injected Floyd Landis and other teammates with HGH as a goof.
Vomit-inducing... Lance delivers inspiration Dodgeball speech (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
  • His regret is not the doping, but the cameo made in Dodgeball.
  • Was disappointed that Oprah had not hidden a "lifetime of peace with his decisions in life" underneath his seat.
  • Wears an extra pair of bicycle shorts underneath his main bicycle shorts in case anyone tries to pants him.
  • Believes steroids is "something you just get but can't really figure out where from. Like the flu or HPV." 
  • Thinks he got steroids from shaking Jose Canseco's hand in 1998
  • Can only have sex if he's wearing a helmet.

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