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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Russian "Meteor" Explodes into Cyberspace Social Media: Jokes, Memes, Twitter posts!

The recent Russian "meteor" that hit  about 930 miles east of Moscow in remote Chelyabinsk,16 February 2013 created a similar, if not wider, explosion into Cyberspace Social Media with jokes, memes, Facebook and Twitter posts from every continent leaving a hilarious mark wider than the actual impact itself!

Below is the actual impact.....

...while below are some samples of the cyber-explosion selected form the web. Enjoy!

Meteor-surfing is one of the few crazy stunts Vladimir Putin hasn't tried but few would 
bet against the publicity-crazy Russian president having a crack
from verkoren.wordpress.com
Local weather for Moscow. #RussianMeteor http://pic.twitter.com/ubRrswR2
from storify.com

One image suggests what really happened was that the fireball trail was caused by
 the anime Dragon Ball popping out in the real world from popular fiction.
from au.ibtimes.com
from storify.com

Apparently 51 percent of Russians believe the meteor shower is the start of an alien invasion - coincidentally,
almost exactly the same percentage as voted for Vladimir Putin in the last Presidential election.
from au.ibtimes.com
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