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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage LIGHTS UP Social Media: FAN's memes, photos and tweets!

The lights may have went out at the Super Bowl XLVII  between Baltimore Ravens  and the San Francisco 49ers but it definitely lit up Social Media! Below are some selected early FAN REACTIONS  from the web in memes, photos and tweets:

"Ohh, you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark..." #Superbowl #PowerOutage http://pic.twitter.com/yv1HY0h6

All right, who let this guy in? #SuperBowlXLVII #poweroutage http://pic.twitter.com/xXMdcZtm

Stadium power outage. How convenient. Did Jim Harbaugh kick the plug out? #49ers #SuperBowlXLVII is.gd/a9897O #GetGlue@SuperBowl

Cats Can See Better Than Humans In Reduced Light! Send Out The #Cats #Superbowl47 #poweroutage http://pic.twitter.com/vNmKNzQr

This #superbowl #poweroutage is giving me more time to have #ribs! http://pic.twitter.com/gmerlEAb
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Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage LIGHTS UP Social Media: FANs' MEMEs!

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